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Pharma Nord Bio-Calcium +D3+K1+K2 500mg 150 tabs

Pharma Nord Bio-Calcium +D3+K1+K2 500mg 150 tabs

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Calcium supplements from Pharma Nord contain calcium, vitamin D3, K1 and K2.


Bio-Calcium + D3 + K1 + K2 uses a high percentage of elemental calcium in an easily absorbed form. Calcium and vitamin D contribute to the maintenance of normal bone in adults and the growth of bone in children. Older adults, in particular women around menopause, should have a daily intake of calcium to counteract the loss of bone mass which occurs in later life. Whilst young people need to build up strong bones at an early age.

Vitamin K helps support normal bone as well as contributing to normal blood clotting. Vitamin D also contributes to normal absorption of calcium and helps support normal blood calcium concentrations.

How to use

1-3 tablets daily or as recommended by a physician.
Do not exceed recommended amount.

Suitable for vegetarians.


Calcium carbonate
Sweetener: Sorbitol
Anti-caking agent: Polyvinylpyrrolidone
Sweetener: Xylitol
Glaxzing agent: Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
Anti-caking agent: Magnesium salts of fatty acid
Flavour enhancer: Peppermint Powder
Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone)
Vitamin K1 (Phytomenadione)
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)

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