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Philips Pro Clipper 7 Combs

Philips Pro Clipper 7 Combs

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The Philips Pro Hair clipper is designed to give you a quality cut or shave. The strong steel blades, a durable, linear copper motor coil, extra long cord and various click-on combs are designed to give you a sharp cut, time after time.


With a convenient thumb lever adjustment the blades can be set to achieve a bold cut as well as stubble trim without using a comb. The seven additional click-on combs will give you the freedom to play with multiple hair styles.

The clipper comes with 7 click-on hair combs. Select a desired length with each different comb and achieve a consistent smooth, even trim, time after time.

  • Not washable.
  • Replaceable heads: no.
  • Worldwide voltage for easy use around the globe.
  • 7 attachments included: 7 combs.
  • Stainless steel blades.
  • For dry only use.
  • Corded only.
  • Accessories include: cleaning brush, scissors, oil, barber's comb.
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