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Phyto Novathrix Energizing Hair Mass Lotion 150ml

Phyto Novathrix Energizing Hair Mass Lotion 150ml

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Phyto Novathrix Energizing Hair Mass Lotion is an invigorating hair lotion for fine, thin hair that's lost its luster and vitality.


Made from 99% natural ingredients, this no-rinse formula tends to both the hair and scalp, restoring body and volume while promoting healthier, stronger growth. Its enveloping texture wraps fine and weakened hair in the order to give it a re-invigorating and re-structuring boost. Horsetail extract, a star ingredient in this formula, particularly benefits the appearance of the hair, creating a smooth, silky-soft finish. If you're looking for a little extra boost, this lotion is also a convenient complement to your styling routine.

  • Texture: liquid;
  • Hair issues: fine, thin hair;
  • Time of application: once a day;
  • Age: 15+;
  • Hair type: all hair types;
  • Main benefits: energizes and fortifies the hair, promotes healthier and stronger hair growth, promotes greater body and volume to the hair, facilitates styling, formulated with 99% natural ingredients;
  • Formulated without: parabens, silicone, sulfate.
How to use

Spray Phyto Novathrix Energizing Hair Mass Lotion 6 times onto dry or damp scalp. Massage gently in order to promote absoption. Finally, spray over the lengths and ends to help with styling.

  • Globularia extract protect the hair follicle from oxidative stress, which tends to jeopardize the health of both the follicle and the hair;
  • Tulip extract promotes a healthy scalp environment;
  • Lupin hydrolysate boosts micro-circulation in the scalp;
  • Horsetail extract provides double benefits: on the scalp, it tightens the dermal support structure for better anchoring of the hair; on the hair itself, it seals scales in order to create an instantly smoother look.
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