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Profoot Bunion Pads 3 Pads

Profoot Bunion Pads 3 Pads

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Ideal for Bunions.


Our Profoot Bunion Pads have a double layer of super soft moleskin with a cushioning foam surround that helps to reduce rubbing and pressure on your painful bunions.

Our slim fit design means the bunion pads can be used in all your shoes whilst still conforming to the shape of your foot.

The Pads have Hypo-allergenic adhesive meaning they are kind to your skin.

3 pads per pack.

  • Hypoallergenic adhesive
  • Contains 3 disposable pads
  • Discrete appearance means they can be worn with low-cut shoes
How to use

Before use please ensure that feet are both clean and dry.

Remove the Bunion Pad from the backing and place the pad centrally over the bunion, with the adhesive side to the skin. Press down to ensure the best adhesion.

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