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Profoot Super Sport Arch/Heel Support Men's 1 Pair

Profoot Super Sport Arch/Heel Support Men's 1 Pair

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Ideal for plantar Faciitis, Knee and Back Pain and Pronation.


The Profoot Supersport’s moulded design helps to support both front-to-back and side-to-side arches keeping your bones in their natural position, helpful in eliminating fatigue.

The Gel spot under the heel provides superb comfort, cushioning and shock absorption.

1 pair per pack.

  • Reduces knee pain
  • Relieves shin splint pain
  • Reduces foot fatigue
  • Support weakened arches
  • Absorbs shock to foot, knee and lower back
  • Alleviates Achilles injury pain
How to use

Place the Super Sport (nylon side up) inside the shoe. The support with the Profoot logo fits into the right shoe. If the support slides, peel off the covering from the adhesive strips on the bottom and press firmly into the shoe.

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