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Quies Earplugs Anti Noise Foam 6 Pairs

Quies Earplugs Anti Noise Foam 6 Pairs

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Quies Noise-Canceling Foam Ear Plug 6 Pairs are hearing protections specially elaborated to guarantee comfort and protection.


Their shape adapted to the ear canal ensures excellent efficiency: attenuating loud noises by 35 dB on average, without being completely cut off from its environment. They allow a perfect fit in the ear.

The texture of the polyurethane foam, particularly smooth and soft, offers a pleasant contact and does not cause any discomfort.

How to use

Gently roll the plug with perfectly clean fingers to make it as thin as possible.
Insert the compressed plug into the ear canal.
Pull the earlobe back to push air out of the ear canal.
Hold the plug until it inflates and is held inside the ear canal.


Indication: To reduce strong noise of 35 dB.
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