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Quies Protection Auditive Earplugs Foam 3 Pairs

Quies Protection Auditive Earplugs Foam 3 Pairs

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These multipurpose foam earplugs from the well-known brand Quies can reduce loud sounds up to -35 dB.


3 pairs of soft foam ear plugs suitable for swimming, noisey working, aircraft travelling and sleeping.

  • Adult supervision recommended for children.
  • Brand may vary.

Use Quies foam earplugs to protect you from dangerous noise levels.
Easy to carry around in their resealable box, the earplugs are brightly coloured to distinguish them better.

  • Anatomic shape
  • Very soft polyurethane foam texture for more comfort!
  • Available colours:
  • Neon: Orange, Red, Green
  • Disco: Blue, Pink, Purple
How to use

Press softly on the earplug until you have a cone shape so you can easily insert it into your ear. Let the earplug go back to its original size in order to have optimum ear protection.

Ideal for:

  • Concerts
  • Motorsports
  • DIY, Manufacturing
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