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Care Samaritan Olive Oil 92ml

Samaritan Olive Oil 92ml

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Samaritan Olive Oil is designed to help to unblock ears that are suffering from earwax build up.


This natural formula is ideal for those who want to unblock their ears without using medicated drops. If you need a simple way to relieve blocked ears, Samaritan Olive Oil could be the product for you.

Samaritan Olive Oil contains 100% refined and extra virgin olive oil which is a popular natural remedy for unblocking your ears. It softens the ear wax build up in your ear canal, helping it to either fall out naturally or preparing it to be removed more easily by a doctor or nurse.

Samaritan olive oil comprises exclusively of olive oils that have undergone refining and oils obtained directly from olives. Ideal for unblocking ears that have a build-up of ear wax. Adding the oil to your ear can help remove ear wax blockages in the ear canal, by softening the ear wax it can fall out natural or be softened for extraction by a medical professional. Features:

  • Softens ear wax to help with removal
  • Can be used for ear wax build-up
  • Natural formula
  • Simple and easy to do at home
How to use

Tilt your head or lie down with the ear you wish to treat facing upwards. Place one or two drops of Samaritan Olive Oil into the ear and keep the head tilted for a few minutes to allow oil to reach the eardrum. If you need to treat both ears, repeat treatment with the opposite ear.


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