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Scholl Complete Corn Treatment Kit

Scholl Complete Corn Treatment Kit

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Scholl Complete Corn Treatment Kit relieves, removes and cushions painful corns.


Scholl Corn disc system uses salicylic acid for effective, targeted medicated action for the removal of corns. Scholl Disc system helps protect surrounding healthy skin. Ultra soft pads give cushioning protection and pain relief.

  • Contains 6 Pads; 6 Medicated Discs; 9 Corn Cushions.
  • Relieves, Removes & Cushions painful corns.
  • With salicylic acid for targeted medicated action.
How to use

Clean and dry feet before each treatment.
To safely and effectively remove the painfully corn place the Scholl medicated disc firmly over the centre of the corn and cover with Scholl pad. Repeat treatment daily until the corn can be removed.
Continue to protect the affected area with Scholl corn foam cushion for as long as needed. Place Scholl corn cushion firmly over the centre of the corn or sore spot.


Scholl Discs contain: Salicylic Acid 40% w/w, Polyvinyl Alkyl Ethers, Titanium Dioxide, Liquid Paraffin. 4,4-thio-bis-2-tert-butyl-5-methyphenol, Red Iron Oxide, Black Iron Oxide.
Foam Cushions contains: Natural rubber latex.

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