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Scholl Gel Activ Everyday Insoles Men - size 7-12

Scholl Gel Activ Everyday Insoles Men - size 7-12

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Scholl GelActiv Everyday For Men Insoles provides superior shock absorption and cushioning because of its GelActiv technology.


These Scholl Insoles have a Soleshape design which help reduce excessive pressure under the foot.

  • Double the comfort.
  • Amazing comfort.
How to use

Trim to fit if necessary.
Cut along the outline that matches your shoe size or use the original insole as a guide.
For best result, remove existing insoles and replace with Scholl GelActiv with the gel side down.
Replace the insoles when showing signs of wear.
Every 6 months recommended.

Can be used for:
Casual or Work shoes.
Trainers or flats.

Cleaning instructions:
To clean, simply wipe with a warm soapy cloth (do not soak).

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