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Shantys Nitcomb-M2 Lice Comb

Shantys Nitcomb-M2 Lice Comb

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Shantys Nitcomb-M2 Lice Comb uses their patented 2 row staggered teeth which helps to effectively remove lice.


Shantys Pharmacy: The first row of stainless steel teeth act as the first defence. The second row is made of extra fine teeth that are slightly offset, this acts as an added defence to catch what may have been missed and ensure each strand of hair is combed.

  • Rounded tipped teeth that won't scratch the scalp.
  • One comb.
  • 2 rows of stainless steel teeth.
  • Colours may vary.
  • Fine and extra fine teeth.
  • Staggered to help separate each strand of hair.
  • Handled comb.

Head lice and lice egg removal comb. Shantys M2 head lice removal comb have patented two row technology. The comb has a row of fine metal teeth closely spaced together and a second row of even closer spaced teeth to maximise on the capture of lice and eggs.

  • Capture and Remove Lice and Lice Eggs
  • Two Row Technology
  • Premium Metal Pins With Smooth Scalp Friendly Tips

Premium metal teeth with staggered placement to allow maximum capture of head lice and lice eggs. Rounded tips for a more comfortable use. The Shantys nit comb has a comfortable grip and can be held at both the handle and head of the comb for your referred grip.

How to use

Apply Lice Lotion as advised in instruction leaflets. Run Shantys Nitcomb-M2 Lice Comb from the root of the hair to the tip. Ensure the hair slides to the root of the teeth. For best results comb small sections at a time.

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