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Tampax Pearl Super Plus 18 Tampons

Tampax Pearl Super Plus 18 Tampons

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Tampax Pearl Super Plus Tampons 18 are designed to handle heavy monthly flow so you can have confidence as you go about your day.


Motion fit offers protection as it adapts to your body shape. Leakguard braid protection helps to stop accidental leaks. Applicator and the tampons smooth outer layer makes them easy to insert and remove.

  • 18 Tampons with applicator.
  • Super Plus - for heavy flow (12-15g).
  • Motion fit protection.
  • Leakguard braid protection.
  • Smooth outer layer.
  • Free from perfume, dyes and elemental chlorine bleaching.
  • Gynaecologically tested.
How to use

Maximum time of use: 8 hours.
To reduce the risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) use the lowest absorbency that meets your needs.


Rayon, Polypropylene, Cotton, Polyethylene, Polyester.

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