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Tena Bed Secure Zone Super 60 x 90cm 26 Underpads

Tena Bed Secure Zone Super 60 x 90cm 26 Underpads

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Tena Bed Secure Zone Underpad Super 60 x 90cm 26 Maximum protection for those who require greater care against accidental urine loss.


Tena Bed Secure Zone: Fully breathable protection designed for both beds and chairs for day or night time application. Incorporating Secure Zone design that provides extra high absorption capacity, with super absorbent micro beads locking away unwanted liquids for effective leakage security, maintaining and promoting healthier skin. Combining a highly absorbent core with a waterproof backing sheet, this soft flexible product has been designed to achieve maximum security along with premium comfort.

  •  Protection Plus.
  •  Textile-like material for gentle comfort
  •  Highly absorbent core.
  •  Secure Zone securely locking away liquids.
  •  Highly absorbent core.
  •  Ideal for both beds and Chairs.

The soft TENA Bed Secure Zone Super is a reliable and versatile incontinence bed protection. The adult-size sheet covers mattresses, chairs, sofas, wheelchairs and other surfaces from accidental urine loss or bed wetting. The combination of the absorbent core and waterproof back-sheet ensures leakage protection. Liquid will be absorbed into the different sections of the Secure Zone Pattern and the Super-Absorbent Micro Beads will lock it in securely. The dermatologically tested bed protection is available in different sizes and has a smooth, soft surface to provide comfort while lying or sitting down on any surface.

How to use

Use Tena Bed Secure Zone when required day or night.

  • Super 26 Pack 60cm x 90cm size.
  • Super absorbent micro beads.
  • Twin protection with highly absorbent core and water proof backing sheet technology
  • Premium comfort with soft surface material.
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