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Tena Men Premium Fit Maxi Large 8 Pants

Tena Men Premium Fit Maxi Large 8 Pants

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TENA Men Premium Fit Pant have maximum level absorbency control for extra security against leaks and a discreet underwear-like style and fit.

  • Boosted dual absorbent core with polymers that instantly lock in leaks, positioned upfront where men need it most
  • Designed like regular underwear with distinct, elastic waistband and discreet brief cut
  • Helps prevent unwanted smells
  • Breathable, cotton feel material giving underwear look and feel, plus flexible fit to stay secure during everyday activities
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Medium fits hip sizes 75-100cm
  • Large fits hip sizes 95-125cm
How to use

Pull on like usual underwear.

Tear sides.
Dispose of in the bin.
DO NOT flush.

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