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Tena Silhouette High Waist Large Plus Black 8 Pants

Tena Silhouette High Waist Large Plus Black 8 Pants

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Tena Silhouette High Waist Large provides discreet, tailored, form fitting protection with real underwear look and feel so you can go about your day with confidence.


Tena Silhouette High Waist Large underwear for moderate to heavy bladder weakness are made with comfortable, soft-fit fabric that stays in place with Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture, helping you stay dry, secure and confident.
Ideal for women that simply wants to get on with their day without worry, smelling and feeling fresh while feeling dry and protected.

  • Absorbency level: Plus - for moderate to heavy bladder weakness.
  • Size Large (UK:16-22 / 95-130cm waist).
  • Colour: Noir (Black).
  • 8x disposable underwear.
  • Triple Protection against leaks, odour and moisture.
  • Tailored for the women body for discreet protection.
  • Soft, breakable material.
  • Look and feel of real underwear.
  • Dermatologically tested and perfume free.
How to use

Simply slip on as you would normal underwear and dispose in a bin. With easy tear side seams.

Customer reviews on Tena Silhouette High Waist Large

"These are comfy and very absorbent. I was only 46 when I first needed these, but they work superbly! I occasionally need to use Oramorph for my pain, and diazepam to relax my anxiety. This leaves me vulnerable to accidents in my sleep. These pants have given me back the ability to take my meds and not worry about leaking while I sleep!

They will be with me all my life now, and I accept it. I can feel confident and not embarrassed about little accidents.

10/10 :)"

"No embarrassing times of wetness and very comfortable"

"I got these to take to the hospital after I gave birth. Best things ever. Highly recommend. Comfortable, doesn't leak and its nice to not have to worry about underwear and pads when you've just given birth."

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