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Vicks Waterless Portable Diffuser

Vicks Waterless Portable Diffuser

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The Vicks portable waterless diffuser is perfect for overnight easy breathing and relief from congestion. The waterless diffuser gently heats the scented VapoPad, activating soothing vapours which release into the air for an easy breathing sensation.


The USB powered device is lightweight and travel-sized, providing silent functionality for easy breathing whether at work or sleeping. The device features a soft nightlight which can be turned on and off. Each VapoPad releases up to 8 hours of soothing vapours, allowing for a full night’s rest.

Features of Vicks portable waterless diffuser VH1800EU:

  • Overnight easy breathing
  • Soothing, scented vapours for congestion relief
  • Easy to use, USB powered
  • Each VapoPad lasts for 8 hours
  • Soft nightlight with on/off button
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